We hope you will have a good stay with us. Here are some information regarding your stay.

  • From 07.30 to 08.15, you are welcome to join us in our morning routines at the stable or with the Alaskan Huskies
  • You'll find the lists of our upcoming activities on the corkboard in our diningroom, please sign up with your name and room number.
  • Tickets for the activities may be bought in the shop between 10-18
  • Breakfast is available between 08.30 and 09.30. Please be reminded that this will be the time where you prepare your lunchpack. The host is available to answer any questions you may have on all upcoming activities, you may also sign up for the activitites with the host.
  • You are welcome to eat your lunch in the dining room, you may also help yourself with coffe, tea and milk. Other hot or cold beverages may be purchased in the cafeteria.
  • Guests have free entrance to the park and are free to follow our daily program.
  • Dinner is served at 17.30 and some snacks will be served 20.30 in the café
  • There will be a brief talk about our history and our animals on: Friday at 20.00, Saturday 19.00, Sunday 19.30, Monday 19.45.
    Tuesday-Thursday 19.00, there will be "Langedrag cinema".
  • Due to the nature of our animals and small children, we request you repect the need to reduce the noicelevel from 23:00 and onwards.
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult when approaching an animal. Please remember to close all gates/doors. Keep the main gate closed between 10-18.
  • Please park your car in the parking lot, you will get a parking oblate in the reception
  • We request that all guests use the entrance on the east side of the main house. Please refrain from entering the cafeteria for anything other than visiting the cafeteria.
  • All the buildings will be locked at 22.00
  • The kiosk are open every evening between 18.30-19.00
  • Please smoke only in designated areas outside

We offer a close-up experience with our wolves, lynx or arctic foxes. Preregistering and payment in the souvenir shop. (Age limit 15 years old. Minimum 3 people of interest)

Please check out before 10:00 on the day of departure, the reception are open from 09.30

Password for the internet: 1a2b3c4d5e

Facebook: Langedrag Naturpark, Instagram: Langedrag­_Naturpark, Snapchat: langedragnatur

In case of fire, assemble at the two small houses on the farm yard.

Do not hesitate to contact the kitchen staff or the hosts if you are in need of something. Information on who`s host for the evening is available on the bulletin board in the dining hall. The hosts can be contacted at all times