Welcome to an adventurous night in our gapahuk.

Here at Langedrag you may spend a night in our gapahuk. Sleep right next to our lynx, under the light of the campfire on soft reindeer-skin. Enjoy the sounds of nature, the fresh air and an experience close to nature.
We hope that this experience will give you an extraordinary experience when staying here, that sleeping almost under the stars will give you a boost, and memories that will last for a long time.

All meals are included and will be served in our diningroom.
Bathrooms are available in the main building. At night, you may use our toilet at the cafè.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our kitchen or our host. The phonenumber for the host is situated on the corkboard in the diningroom. Our host is available 24/7.

All overnight stay in the gapahuk requiers a sleepingbag as well as a pillowcase. Please bring your own, as we don't have sleepingbags available for our guests.