Langedrag Menu

"Your food shall be your medicine and your medicine shall be your food"


Mineral water 35,-
Coffee,tea 25,-
Kakao,Cappucino,Latte 30,-
Cacao with cream 35,-
Juice 20,-
Alcohol free beer 40,-
Knatten Applejuice 49,-


Cold food

Langedragswaffles with sour cream and jam 35,-
Carrotcake 35,-
Traditional Norwegian pastry 25,-
Homemade bread with cheese/homemade goatcheese or ham 35,-/40,-
Homemade baguettes with cheese/ham or egg 60,-
Sandwich with mooseburger 80,-
Homemade baguettes with schrimps 80,-
Salad (with bread +15,-) 75,-

Hot food.

Meatstew with homemade bread and lingonberry (large/small) 125/90,-
Sourcream porridge and lemonade (large/small) 100/80,-
Meatballs with vegetables and lingonberry Large 155,- Small 125,-
Soup with roll 75,-


Dent/DOC 20/25,-
Large chocolate 35,-
Small chocolate 25,-
Box of raisins 15,-
"Småsulten" Nuts and dried fruit. 25,-
Fruit 7,-

We also sell traditional white- and brown goatcheese from the farm.