Dogparking and dogs in the park.

Unfortunately are dogs not allowed inside the park, due to veterinarian restrictions for disease control. We do offer dogkennels outside the park, but if they are full, you have to keep your dog in your car or other arrangement. We can not reserve our dogkennels, so it is first come, first served. We have no responsibility for dogs that are kept in our kennels.
If you want to use one of our kennels, please notify our shop and registrer your name and your phonenumber in case an emergency should arrise. It is strictly forbidden to tie your dog to your car or along the fences outside our park, Animals here roam freely, such as cows, goats, horses and rabbits and they can maim/get maimed your dog.

Dogs and skiers:

There are plenty of skiers that use our magnificent trails that are assiciated with Langedrag. It is not allowed to bring your dog into the area. If you want to use the trials, please follow the paths on the perimeter of our farm. .

Dogs and overnight stay:

Quite a few contact us regarding overnight stay with dog. Unfortunately, we can not allow this either. There are dogpensions near by, check out tlf: 976 68 610 and Nesbyen tlf: 997 04 106.