We have a multitude of different animals that we hope will give you lots of good memories.

To make sure both animals and humans alike will have a great time together, it is important to respect our animals nature and the following rules:

  • Always close the door or the gate you've opened.
  • Never run after any of our animals. If you want our rabbits attention, sit down and let them approach you. If a rabbit jumps into your lap, please do not take it up, just release it when it is done with cuddling.
  • Do not approach horses being fed. Horses will mark their rank in the pack during meals.
  • Be respectful of our wild animals and their enclosures. Please, don't throw or put things through or over the fences. Children can be particular provocative in their behaviour, it is therefor important that the adults takes responsibility to make sure this does not happen.
  • Do not take your food with you inside the farm-animals area.

Do not touch the horns of our cows or goats. If you need to guide a goat away, take it by the neck and lead it away