Langedrag was fouded with a dream of connecting people to nature and let them experience the beauty of being with animals. However, it was also a wish to show how much some typical farmanimals have from their wild ancestors and how nature intended them to be. In the beginning of 1980, Langedrag was approached by the agricultural university here in Norway and asked if we could have two wolves as a research on their behaviour. On our farm, we have approx 300 different animals from ca 20 different species. A lot of our animals are what is considered typical nordic species, such as; moose, reindeer, muskox, norwegian fjordhorses and Norwegian Telemark-cow. What we are most renowned for, is perhaps our endangered species; our wolves, artic fox and lynx.

We offer a wide range of experiences to be had around animals. Why not join us on our daily feeding tours and get really close to our moose. The children can come inside with us when we feed the reindeer and artic fox and help feed them. We have lots of animals and therefor; lots of possibility to get close, learn, experience and have

Tuva og mufflon

Our animals

  • Horse

    Horses have been our companion for many thousands years, helping us with transport of both goods and people. Our fjordhorse are one of the oldest races.

  • Lynx

    The Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) is a medium-sized cat native and the only cat native predator in Scandinavia.

  • Goat

    Goats are the first animal humans domesticated. In Norway, goats was often referred to as a poos mans cow.

  • Birds

    Our birds can be found at our farmyard, but our peacocks likes to roam free and can be found all over

  • Cow

    There are more than 800 different breeds of cattle around the world. Here at Langedrag, we have two of the oldest races, Telemarksku, a Norwegian breed, and Scottish Highland.

  • Artic fox

    Our artic foxes are a mix of fur fox, but we have also participated in the work to reintroduce artic fox in nature and have therefor also pure artic foxes.

  • Wolf

    Wolves was once a common animal throughout Europe, but is now endangered. Langedrag has currently 5 wolves. We try to educate people about the wolves true nature, not the mythological creature some believe.

  • Moose

    Langedrag have 7 moose. You can see them during our guided tour and perhaps help feed them.

  • Reindeer

    Reindeer lives in the most northeren areas of the planet and are well adapted to the extreme weather and temperatures up north.

  • Mufflon Sheep

    As all animals here at Langedrag, our mufloun sheeps are adapted to a life in the mountains.

  • Rabbit

    The rabbit is familiar as a wild prey animal and as a domesticated form of livestock and pet throughout much of the world.

  • Roe deer

    The European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), is a Eurasian species of deer. The male of the species is sometimes referred to as a roebuck. The roe deer is relatively small, reddish and grey-brown, and well-adapted to cold environments.

  • Wild boar

    Villsvinet er stamfaren til alle tamgriser. Den hører naturlig hjemme i skogsområder i Europa, Asia og Nord- Afrika,

  • Socialized wolves

    Langedrag was the first park to keep wolves in captivity in Norway.

  • Muskox

    Their hooves are so strong that they can break through solid ice in the Arctic to get to where there is water below.

  • Yak

    Yak is a big bovine that resembles a cow.