Horse activities at Langedrag

Langedrag can offer a variety of horse activities. 

Langedrag can offer different tours on horseback. Primarily we have 1 hour and 3 hours long tours in the weekend, but we can arrange other tours as well, making the tour what you want it to be. Please contact us to hear what we can offer.

We have norwegian Fjordhorses, a strong, gentle and fun breed. 

We offer riding tours all year round, but due to the snow, we can only offer 1 hour rides during winter. 
During winter, we can offer both sledge and horse, and skijoring and of course voltige and ponyrides for children. 

During summer, we can offer longer tours in the mountains, as well as horse and carriage, pony rides and voltige. We have also one week horsecamps for children between 9-15 years. 

Please contact us for information.