Dog sledding at Langedrag, winter and summer!

Dogsledding during summer.

Langedrag offers dogsledding by carts during the summer season. Every day, as long as the temperature isnt above 12 C, we have dogsledding for the entire family, a short tour of approximately 10-15 min.

Longer tours is only during winter. You can read what we can offer below here.

Dog sledding at Langedrag

Come see our 30 Alaskan Huskies and experience the life of a dog musher. Langedrag offers dog sledding all-year-round and gives our guests an exclusive look at a day in the life of a musher. At Langedrag we take pride in our animals and their welfare, and the dogs are no exception. During summer, we use specialized dog sled carts to take you around the Langedrag reserve and during winter we offer extended tours up in the majestic mountains.

This is a breath-taking experience where you can help prepare them for a trip where you get to be the musher. Nothing compares to interactions between humans and animals, and this surely is a memorable first-hand experience of the life as a dog musher.

Join us from early morning and help to feed, clean and ready them for the tour of your choice. If you prefer, you may also come just for the ride, sit down in our sleds on warm and comfortable reindeer skins and enjoy the glorious scenery and enthusiastic huskies doing what they love the most.

All dog sledding needs pre-ordering. We can customize tours for you and your party. Our sleds are also customizable for different handicaps and the limitations are few. Please call us at +47 32 74 25 50 or send us an email at for a no-obligation talk with one of our coordinators.

Dog sledding during winter;

Tour 1, The Langedragtour

This tour starts at our "lean to" where the fire is going and you can warm up with coffee, hot chocolate and the typical Norwegian "pinnebrød" (special bread patty cooked over the fire on a stick). This can be bought in our cafe. This tour offers basic knowledge about dog mushing, our huskies, and huskies in general. Here you can try out mushing for yourselves, running your own sledge, or simply sit back and enjoy the ride. One of our experienced mushers will always ride with you or in a sledge in front to ensure a safe and fun experience. When ready, we will take off into the close surroundings of Langedrag, it is highly probable that you will see the arctic foxes, reindeer, horses or other free roaming animals as we enter the exceptional nature around the park.
- Children; 200 nok.
- Adults; 350 nok.
This tour is available most weekends and holidays, book in advanced to ensure your chance of this experience.

Tour 2, Try on the life as a musher.

Come and ready the dogs in our kennel and learn the basics of the trade. Learn how to operate the sledge and control it and the huskie dogs before we set off. This trip is ideal for those with lots on their Langedrag calendar, but still want to experience an extended adventure with our dogsled team. We start off in the kennel for a 30 minute orientation before setting off toward the mountains.

Here you can choose to run the sledge the entire trip, or switch/share with someone in your party, or with one of our experienced mushers. Our employees will always be running a sledge nearby to ensure a perfectly safe and fun tour. This tour has a maximum participant limitation per tour to make sure you get the most out of the trip. For larger groups split up and see the rest of the park while you wait for your turn.
- 6 people limit per tour, where you alternate between sitting in the sledge and mushing.
- 2 tours a day limit.

Prices pr hour:

15 min: 350,-per adult, 200,-child 
30 min: 600,-adult, 500,-children
1 hour: 1000,-adult, 800,-children
2 hours: 1500,-adult, 1000,-children
3 hours: 2000,-adult, 1500,-children
4 hours: 2500,-adult, 2000,-children
5 hours: 3000,-adult, 2500,-children
6 hours: 3500 ,-adult, 3000,-children

Whatever tour suits you, we wish you welcome and are excited to share our passion and love of nature! Hope to be seeing you soon. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Regards from the Dog Sled Team at Langedrag!