Animal babies

The first animals are born this year and as usual it is the goats that starts. The miracle of birth never seize to amaze us and while we anticipate this years miracles, we take a recap at last years highlights:

"First out were the goats, where we suddenly found ourself surrounded by goatkids, and spent many hours amused by their acrobatics. 

And then, some lovely calves were born, reindeer calves too. Our horses followed later, giving birth to beautiful foals. 

But what amaze us, is the closeness the wilder animals in our park allows us during the vunerable times of birth. 

Here is our moose, Ea, right after giving birth to her two calves, Eir and Eira:"

And here is our moose Elgvita, after given birth to her two calves. 

And on saturday, 9 juni 2018, our lynx Ingrid, born wild but captured after her mom got hit by a train and died and raised in captivity, amazed us yet again!
A fiece mother as the lynx normally are, allows us humans to come close up to her and her newborn. With no fear of us, she allows us to come almost into the den and film her and her young ones. We are amazed by this loving, trusting lynx.

Our national broadcaster, NRK, has also made a story about our Ingrid and her cubs: