Our daily program this spring at Langedrag

Come and visit us for a day with lot of adventure, fun and activities that suits the whole family.

Feed a moose, milk a goat, watch a wolf eat? Here you can experience all this and more.

Here is our program for the spring season.

11:00-14:00: Dogsledding, 15 minutes (350/250 NOK) (Temperature depending) 11:30-12:30 and 15:30-16:30: Riding for children (50 NOK)

12.00: Feed the boar, muskox and moose

13:00-14:00: Riding with voltige for children (50 NOK)

14:00: Feed the predators, wolf, lynx, reindeer, artic fox and socialized wolf

15:30: Visit the wolves (age limit 15, minimum 2 persons. 800 NOK)

15:30: Artic fox camp, visit our foxes! (Minimum 5 persons, 100 NOK)

16:00: Horse and sledge (if enough snow) 100,- pr person

16:30: Dogcamp (100 NOK)

16:30: Visit the lynx (age limit 15, minimum 2 persons. 500 NOK)

16:30: The goats are milked in the barn. Come and see, hug a goat.