Spring at Langedrag

Langedrag is open for public thoughout the year. Each season here in the Norwegian mountains has their charms and autumn is filled with colours, when sunlight comes over the mountains, giving the illusion of fire. The sunrise and sunset isfilled with warm colours, preparing us for the cold of winter with a last, colourful goodbye. Combine this with our animals filling out their coats, roaming around in our farmyard or in their large enclosures and you are set for a perfect stay here with us.

We are open all days, for both daily visits and overnight stay and would like to welcome you to partake in our daily life here at Langedrag during all of our different seasons. Please email us or contact us on phone + 47 32 74 25 50 if you want to book or have any questions regarding visiting us.

We can also accomodate larger groups. If you want a day filled with fresh air and fun for your group, please contact us.