Polarfox pups at Langedrag

All Photo: Copyright Gro Saugerud

Langedrag is a special place where animals and humans meet and bond, and it is nothing new that our animals also bonds across different breeds. But this was something new and unexpected.
Arja has grown up with mooses, deer, pidgeons and wildboars in her livingroom, as the dog of our animal manager Anne Grete. Although Arja is a dog with lots of affection for all; We never thought she would embrace the pups by simply becoming their mom. The nurturing instinct in her is strong, and she is such a loving and affectionate mother to the two polarfox pups. She also started producing milk and is nursing them as well.

We are now looking forward to a summer of watching our polarfox pups and their mom embark on a journey to make sure the pups are socialized and thriving around people. As of now we are making sure they are introduced to people slowly and with the help from their mom, we are sure they will grow up to give our guests many heartwarming memories.