The moose cows and their calves

All photo: Copyright Gro Saugerud

It has been widely published in Norwegian media about Ea's triplets as it is so unusual.

We are so proud of our young moose and her young ones.
We did not expect her to deliver more than one, as normal for a first time birth for a moose, but when she got two, we were awestruck. And then, a small head popped out. At first we thought it was the afterbirth, but then we saw it moving it's head and to our surprise, it was a third calf.

Our 9 year old moose, Elgvita, got twins on the 28th of May.

Twins are not that uncommon for older moose, but as with all births we celebrate the new lives here at Langedrag.
Here is a video of the twins with their mom and Tuva shortly after birth. Remember; Never approach wild animals with offspring. Tuva can be near Elgvita since Elgvita trust Tuva, A trust based on Tuva spending years with Elgvita and building a bond. The tender and touching moments of birth is a privilege to participate in, a privilege Tuva has earned over the years working closely with Elgvita.

All of the 5 calves are growing rapidly and you can see them and their proud moms during our 12:00 guided tour. We feel so blessed to be able to be a part of their journey from calves to fullgrown moose and we welcome you all to come and see them too and take part of our joy.