Activities at Langedrag

Activities at Langedrag

Spring is all about new life. In May you can expect the birth of wolf, fox and lynx cubs and elk and reindeer calves, to name but a few.

The snow disappears from the the mountains and the graylag geese return to the goose pond to lay and hatch their eggs. The birds return and buds appear on the branches of the birch.
Easter is the start of spring in the mountains, skiers take their last tours out on the cross-country ski tracks, the streams swell and the days grow longer.

Summer is a beautiful time. If we are lucky the cows will calf and if we are really lucky maybe a foal or two from our fjord horses will arrive too.
Langedrag will be pleasantly busy with day tourists and people on various camps and programs with a leader, such as: family camp, grandparents/grandchildren camp, activity camp and of course riding camp.

The whole park is full of life and there are many activities on offer during the school holidays ranging from: dog sledding on wheels, horse riding, horse and cart driving, guided trips to our mountain farm (seterdag), hikes in the mountains and much, much more...

Autumn is a time for the valleys and mountains to be filled with changing colours, orange, yellow, brown and red will start to replace the greens of summer. The air can still be warm and the days are still relatively long.
Many of our animals enter mating season in autumn and start to grow their winter coats in expectation of the cold days to come, some changing even colour.

In Autumn holiday we arrange family and activity camps. There is a full day program at the park every day, for a whole week.

Winter brings snow and stunning views to the mountains. The ski tracks lead right from Langedrag out over the mountains, some going deep into the mountain plateaus, many taking shorter routes but all are easily accessible and beautiful. Horse and cart is replaced by horse and sled, or maybe you would like to try horse riding in the snow?

In January and February the goats and moufflon sheep begin to kid and lamb. The barn can fill with up-till one hundred young animals at this time to both our and our tourists delight.

Christmas at the farm is truly special. We have many Christmas traditions for all the family including: the Christmas porridge party, the Christmas show, the Santa play and decoration workshops for children to name a few . In the last weeks of November and first of December we arrange special pre-Christmas weekends with accommodation, allowing more time for the whole family to take in all the extra activities the farm has to offer at this time of year!