Christmas show on the 9th of December

7. Desember - 7. Desember

Every year, Langedrag arranges a christmas show. 

The yearly tournament between the red and blue Barn Santas will be held;  Who will walk away victorious?
Will Santa Claus visit with his reindeers?

A traditional Norwegian christmas-tale; Winter, snow, Santa and his reindeers, porridge in the barn. What mischief will santas helpers do? Learn more about the naughty barn santa and how he helps with the animals during the year, but only if you remember to give him his porridge. This is Norwegian folklore and storytelling with a twist, and a show and tournament as well. 

The entrance fee this day will go towards a charity.

We start at 10:00, the show starts at 12:00 and all our other activitites will be possible to attend as well.

- Santa's helpers tournament - Christmas Show in the Barn - Sleigh rides - 

We are open for overnight stay and daily visits. Please use the registrationform at the end of the page for overnight stay. 

Our Barn Santas welcome you with hot porridge in the barn.

Santa Claus found his way with one of his reindeer. And look, Miss Santa Claus.

A red Barn Santa showing her skills at Hungarian Post and of course, our little santas participate as well with balance acts.

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