Christmas show the 9th of December

9. Desember - 9. Desember

Every year, Langedrag has a christmas show.
Who will win our tournament this year? Our red nisses or our blue nisses?
Will Santa visit with his reindeers?

A traditional Norwegian christmas-tale, with winter, snow, Santa, his reindeers and porridge in the barn, fun for the whole familiy.

All our entrance fee this day will go to a charity.

We start at 10:00, the show starts at 12:00 and all our other activitites will be possible to attend as well.

We have a nisseplay in our barn, and a tournament and other fun outside this day, this is some glimses of what to expect.

Our nisses welcome you with hot porridge in the barn.

Santa found his way with one of his reindeer. And look, Nissemor is also attending.

A red nisse showing her skills at Hungarian Post and of course, our little nisses participate as well with balance acts.

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